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People also asked these Medicare insurance Questions.

Most of these questions will be answered in the YouTube channel from Texas Elder . care and Karen Burkholder Insurance Agency Channel.
Can I add my family on my Auto policy even if they are not in my household?

Yes, you can add an additional insured to your insurance policy. You will need to let the carrier know if the auto will be garaged at a new location and add the new driver to the policy.

This is a great option for those that have been sick or under Doctor orders to not get behind the wheel for a few months. This way you keep the policy and the vehicle in your name and your address. Additional note on this, the policy premium may go up, depending on the zip code of new garage location and the driver you are adding to the auto policy.

Why has my auto insurance gone up when I have not had any accidents?

The quick answer to this is because the demographics of your age group and the zip code the auto is garaged in will effect the insurance rate.

Why do I need Long Term Health insurance, since I have health insurance already?

This is answered in more detail in the "Myths of Long Term Care Insurance" video on the agency's YouTube Channel. Quick answer is Medicare limits the number of days that it will cover the 80% charge of hospital stays to life time total of 150 days admitted into the hospital/skilled nursing facility. So you will need an additional policy to cover those stays as well as the additional 20% not covered by Medicare.

Am I to old to buy life insurance?

From the insurance company's stand point is that the longer you are on their books the more time they have use of your premiums so they can make the large sum outlay once you have passed. Most of my carriers will have options that will allow to be written up to age 85. You probably will not like the premium quote on those policies.

What is the difference between Life insurance and final expense?

Final Expense is a life insurance product. The premiums are usually higher, since these are usually purchased after 65 years of age. These policies usually are between $5,000 to $30,000 of coverage. Some carriers will write these for up to $50,000 if you are healthy and below a certain age. Like with all Life insurance products, the younger and healthier you are, the best rating table the underwriters will put you in for the premium payments.

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