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Your Legacy Advisor

My Legacy Planner 2.0 Workbook

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My Legacy Planner Workbook 2.0

My Legacy Planner 2.0

One Place for All Documents, All Documents in One Place.

My mission is to help families get organized and protect them from financial hardships by having all the correct information and policies to protect their families when the claim occurs.

🔨I have some Very Important Questions for you.

🔧Would your spouse know where important documents are located?

🪓Would your spouse know how to pay the monthly bills if something happened to you?

🪓Does your spouse know what insurance policies you have and how to pay those premiums?

Especially your life policy (don’t let the Life insurance lapse while in the hospital)

🔨Do you have your Medical Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney set up?

🔧What about your Advanced Directives?

🔧Do you have a Will, and is it in a secure location?

🪓Does the beneficiary know how to access it when the time arrives?

If the answer is No to any of these questions, you need

My Legacy Planner 2.0 One Place for All Documents, All Documents in One Place.

This EBook was designed to help you organize your important

paperwork. I take you step by step through each insurance policy and explain what is needed and why.

This planner is also an autobiography, and I tell you what mistakes my family and how if we would have had the right insurance plan in place, how it would have saved us headaches and much heartaches over the years.

Karen Burkholder

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